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Brand Culture & Personality

Branding: Why Personality & Culture Matter

If we look at the history of branding, we can see that a “Brand” is a mark or set of marks that represent a product or services with a definitive level of quality, experience, and outcome desired by the consumer. Basically, we, as consumers, associate a visual representation with an emotional experience of a transaction. [...]

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Agile Branding - Culture

Agile Branding

The business world is quickly getting shoved into real-time. With the permeation of social and mobile technologies the need for information right now is becoming crucial for success. The need to be nimble and agile has never been more prominent in our society. We’re seeing this across multiple disciplines: Tech development, we need to get [...]

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What Business Ideals Mean to Branding

Each of us is different; each individual, each community, each religion, each society… Some more different than others. Some afraid of showing these differences, some who embrace them and scream from the mountaintops. These differences are the very thing that both bonds us as well as tears us apart. These differences (or similarities depending on [...]

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