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Creativity in Connections

There’s no arguing that creativity comes with branding. The sleek, visual appeal of a logo, packaging or the way a store is laid out or how a consumer interacts with customer service all hints at decades of the blood and sweat of creativity. It’s an essential part of what a brand is and will become. [...]

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Product Development: Fill the Void

When developing products, our tendency is to focus on one of two things: Enhancing what’s already developed or creating something completely different. The former is a smaller shift while the latter creates an uphill battle for adoption. Each of which can be very profitable if developed and launched with a burning sense of passion and [...]

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Tour de BBQ

Tour de BBQ Digital [Client]

This year the Tour de BBQ campaign, “How Far Will You Go to Fight Cancer?” is one that elicits a certain emotive response for many different segments, cancer survivors, families battling cancer, philanthropic cyclists, and a massive community bonding together for a specific cause. Throw in a cycling event revolved around BBQ and you have [...]

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Convergence of Creativity

A crazy thing is happening right now in the business world, especially the ad industry; a convergence that has only displayed a few murmurs in fear of allowing the true future to appear; the convergence of creativity. Being from both an agency and corporate background, I’ve had the distinct opportunity to work across the gamut [...]

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Innovative Strategy by BlackWhaleGroup

Conversation Filters for Innovative Processes

Each person I’ve ever run into who talks about innovation or has Innovation in their job titles has their “own” process for making change, or innovating. Here at blackwhalegroup, we’re no different. We try an push each product, service, and client interaction towards industry leading change, or what some might call innovation. We don’t have [...]

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