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Search+ Social Converging Means More Than You Think

The Interwebs are aflutter with the launch of Search+ (your world) from Google with discussions around unfair competitive advantages, stabs at Facebook, evolution of search, etc… I believe it’s a move that is the start of a new platforms, new behaviors, and new horizons for both users and marketers. Regardless of your thoughts about the [...]

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Screw Silos and Talk as One

As we move towards the future of our industry and the involvement and transparency the consumer is requiring, we are faced with a legacy dilemma that has been building over the past several decades. This dilemma is the communication of our channel silos. Especially over the past 5-10 years, we have experienced a myriad of [...]

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Integration for Success

It seems like everyone claims integration in the industry; working cohesively and collaboratively in the communications world. One thing feeding off the other and building a story across the touch points our customers engage with. But is this really the case? Have you really seen “integration” anywhere in the industry? Over my career, I have [...]

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