Advertising is Illegal… Now what?

This outlandish notion may not be so crazy. Two reasons why:

  1. In 2007 mayor of Sao Paulo, Brazil banned outdoor advertising (see image) in an effort to clean up the city. A first, in what some consider, many legislative decisions to effect or ban the advertising industry.
  2. We know that people are only shoppers and consumers a small portion of their life and have become jaded and turned off by advertising, seeing success rates plummeting year over year across all “advertising” channels.

Now, imagine a world in which you had to build and grow your business without any forms of advertising. A world where “mass” becomes “personal;” where offers, promotions, and noise becomes conversation, dialog, and trust; where shoddy products and service isn’t harbored by a large media spend; where integrity connects with need states.

How would you plan your company to succeed in this new economy?

What would that do to “consumer” communication?

How would you think your “target market” differently?

How would you change your product or offering?

With a shift of this magnitude, our entire approach to business, let alone marketing, would change; I think, for the better. We would develop products and services that have innate marketing capacity; products well thought out, well designed and beautifully crafted. We would break down the barriers of consumer and “mass-appeal” and focus on the individual; ensuring satisfaction and engagement on a personal level. We would free open our minds for free and focused thought without interruption.

Some may consider this thought or approach chaos. To some, I agree. But to imagine a world where we get back to the basics of human behavior and ensure that we are solving a specific need in the best way possible, without the influencing nature of advertising, are very empowering and opens my mind to a vast array of opportunity in product development and product communications.

At the end of the day, the people we call “consumers” are just that… People.

Some very sobering, eye-opening questions to a not so outlandish notion. What are your thoughts?


Image courtesy of Flickr - Sao Paulo No Logo Set – Tony de Marco


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