Connect the Dots: Volume 1

“Connect the Dots” is a new series where you can gather actual, tangible insights from the blackwhalegroup team on a weekly basis.  Here you will find our favorite, most compelling articles, stories, and blogs we read each week with specific insights to help you drive your brand strategy through the evolving world of digital.

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Messaging and Storytelling on Social Media

A great conversation about why brands need to have the right messaging and storytelling in the social environment. It’s one thing to offer coupons or discounts on these platforms or use them to deliver marketing messages, but then it just turns into a one way, cold interaction… much like a fax machine. It’s another to fully understand and tap into the ability to tangiblize your brand with interaction, conversation, and value.

Insight: Social Media isn’t a marketing platform, it’s a brand personality platform. We have the opportunity to engage, interact, and make our brand tangible through emotional connection. Take a step back and see how you can connect brand value with your customer through these channels rather than posting your next coupon (which may or may not be available in all 50 states).

Local is the New Black

It’s amazing when looking at potential growth in a saturated industry… it’s not scale anymore that wins, it’s local. As brands we need to best understand how we can take our global appeal and tap into local culture, desires, and needs to develop stronger products, messaging, and holistic experiences. Global was yesterday, Local is today, Individual is tomorrow.

Insight: Allow your brand strategy to go beyond the static nature of the brand guidelines and become dynamic in the ecosystem in which it lives. Yes, it’s a global brand, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have local or even personal extensions. Give it flexibility and you can connect on a deeper level.

Lessons in Brand Strategy

A great story about looking for opportunities to drive brand strategy. The article communicates a great combination of mirroring other industries, focusing on a niche segment, crowdsourcing or curating product attributes, and, of course, pricing. All play a major factor in the future of brand strategy and how a brand can become something that supports and facilitates the lives of their consumers.

Insight: Flexibility in direction is a great asset to any brand in today’s dynamic world. Wholeheartedly knowing where your brand is going when all is said and done, will allow you the flexibility to shift along the way. If we focus too much on the campaign we lose sight on the future. Allow your brand the chance to grow and morph into something better, something that supports and facilitates life.


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