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Some people watch the Super Bowl for the game. Some watch for the Halftime show. Some watch for the commercials. We watch for the Digital Integration of those commercials. With so much opportunity at our finger tips, we want to make sure brands know what works and how to expand and scale on campaigns.

Our team is dedicated to give you Real Time information about the the digital integration for various campaigns. So during the Super Bowl, our team of “Whalers” will be Live Blogging our thoughts about brands who do it well and those who don’t.



#brandbowl – As the game winds down and the Post Game chatter begins in the Ad Industry, one thing is sure, the integration with the digital opportunities that we have in front of us has still not been optimized. We, as marketers, have such tremendous opportunity at our doorstep and, in 2012, we simply see Hashtags, Facebook URLs, and simple Shazam actions, I am ashamed by the level of integration these high cost spots displayed. Also, where were the brand community managers? IF you send people to a hashtag, be there and present. Don’t have a competitor sponsoring your hashtag, don’t pay people to be there, YOU be there and engage.

We are in a world where we can entertain on the mass level and engage on the individual level through digital, however, we still simply communicate on the mass scale.

Following along the next week as we identify specific opportunities these brands could’ve taken in order to make this a better #brandbowl.




#brandbowl – Bud Light - Weego: As dogs have quickly become a backbone in Super Bowl advertising, Bud Light took their campaign tag line and added humor and a pooch to it. The Here Weego spot was a humorous ad with two strong Digital CTAs, both driving to the same spot; but one to find more info on Bud Light the other to help Rescued pooches. Its a great way to utilize this great stage to drive social growth and engagement, but also drive awareness of the charities and affinities the brand aligns with.

The future engagement on the Facebook page needs to fulfill both promises, but at first blush…







#brandbowl  – GE – Seems like a lot of commercials are talking about the “Rebuilding of America.” GE did so as well, with some on the ground floor testimonials with a very small CTA to visit Which leads to a website for a sweepstakes that wasn’t mentioned at all in the TV spot. Something that is a bit confusing as a newcomer to the commercial and the site…






More Shazam sightings…

During the halftime a couple ads showed up with Shazam integration.

Camry… Scan the commercial and enter for a chance to win a New Camry. Innovative and aligns with their campaign leading up to the event. It’s a great use of integration, however the Shazam CTA was only on the screen for a fraction of the commercial.














Bud Light - Halftime – LMFAO & Madonna Download: Another great use of Shazam. The application itself has a tremendous amount of opportunity for advertisers. Here we see a combination of value and reward that has been brought to you by a brand. By offering the downloads, Bud Light was able to extend their traditional presence to the digital space.
















The First Half

#brandbowl - Halftime at the Super Bowl. Not a great start to the ads in regards to digital integration. Simply having a hashtag in your commercial does not mean it’s  a successful use of the medium. If your hashtag is Sponsored by your competition, that’s bad. If your hashtag has “Paid” sponsors tweeting on it… That’s bad.

When trying to push towards integration of digital and traditional, you need to fulfill the promise that you put in your advertisement. If you have a hashtag, make sure it fulfills that promise, or at least enhances the ad / experience.

The use of Shazam in the Best Buy ad has been the closest that we’ve seen to something of value in the digital space. And really, it’s nothing more that what I would’ve gotten without going to their website or doing a quick Google search.

In today’s highly connected, highly integrated world, the first half of the “Super Bowl of Advertising” is poor at best.

For the first half…





#brandbowl – Chevy….. all afternoon…

Each commercial, starting with the OK GO! teaser during the pregame, the site itself has been experiencing technical difficulties. Right now, a database error. As much as I enjoy watching awesome “YouTube-esque” awesome videos (especially featuring OK GO! this is unacceptable.







Wanna enter a sweepstakes on Fandango? Cause that’s what you get to do with their direct link from their ad.







Best Buy

A great commercial with some amazing topical humor (Words with Friends, etc). A huge opportunity to take the digital integration to the next level; fell a bit short with the caliber of individuals in the commercial.

#betterway – Had instant CTAs at the hashtag.

Shazam – a Typical ad with links to the various social media platforms and their website.

Best Buy #betterway















#solongvampires – Audi’s attempt at digital integration. Not so good, considering Kia owns the “Sponsored Tweet.”

Again, nothing really happening on the hashtag.





#makeitplatinum – Bud trying to utilize a hashtag. First tweet I saw was a #paid placement.

If utilizing a hashtag, be sure there is something for people to see / or engage with






#mushymush – Hulu is pushing a Hashtag with little to no CTA…yet.



Shhh.... Secret RecipeHere we go! With under 30 min left until kickoff we have our beers in hand, chili ready, and geeking out about the excitement about this years “Digital Super Bowl.”  We are here until the crowning of the Super Bowl Champs discussing the digital integration of the Super Bowl Commercials. With the amazing opportunity that digital, mobile, social provides for advertisers as an extension of a message, we think that the Super Bowl as a stage is a great place to springboard the future of traditional advertising.

The blackwhalegroup team is ready to go to offer thoughts, ratings, and other possible extensions to some of the commercials and their digital (or wannabe digital) extensions. So kick back and watch. We’ll take it from here.



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