Technology is Great. But Don’t Over-commit

If you’re like me and you didn’t make the trip to Las Vegas this week, you have been plastered to the live CES coverage to see what new technologies are being announced, being demonstrated, and the reactions to industry pundits as to the next big thing. We’re seeing everything from voice-activated TVs, uber thin mobile devices, robotics, etc. As a person who is continually trying to connect the dots through the digital and physical worlds for brands and consumers, I’m instantly thinking about how to leverage these new technologies to converge these worlds even closer. It’s great fun to daydream and think of these distinct possibilities and opportunities. I would event venture to say it’s too much fun. Here’s why…

Over the last 5-10 years, technology and digital extensions have plagued Corporate America with fear and paralysis about how to best leverage these emerging platforms. Spinning into a whirlwind of activity to launch on a new platform, invest millions in new innovations, even changing brand messaging to incorporate a more “digital” approach, corporations have embraced a “Shoot First” “Aim later” mentality that is degrading their brands at an accelerated rate.

Corporations have embraced a “Shoot First” “Aim Later” mentality that is degrading their brands at an accelerated rate.

Not only are the executions with these new platforms or technologies subpar or a failure, but the strategies are rarely in line with their brand or actually add value to their consumer. The need to be on the “Cusp” of cutting technology has proved to have negative side effects for a lot of brands.

So as you continuously wipe the drool off your monitor with the amazing things coming out of CES, keep in mind that not all technologies are right for your brand, your consumer, or your future. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be an early adopter of technology (I’m all for it); what I am saying is that ensure the technology, the interactions, and the value the technology or platform provides is aligned with the end state of your brand… Then pounce.

What’s your favorite thing to come out of CES so far?


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