Here’s to 2012!

2011 brought some amazing things in the tech, digital, social, mobile, brand world. We witnessed Siri take our imaginations by storm; we saw Twitter spike in relevance; Digital spend skyrocketed while showing true ROI; A sense of community and sharing propelled offers and applications.

We have been pushing through this digital world with analog blinders

It was great to be a part of it, but for some reason I feel a sense of uneasy in the industry, not really knowing what to do next or where to go. We have been pushing through this digital world with analog blinders, forcing brands or ideas into a mold that is too small to capture it’s true essence. Here at blackwhalegroup, we aspire to steer the rudder towards the right direction. While you can read all the cool amazing things that others are discussing as the new digital or tech trends in 2012, we wanted to give you a list of things to watch for that allow strategies to develop, to allow creativity to seep into brand planning, to drive your brand in the right direction. We have identified 4 things to watch for in 2012 while planning and strategizing for your brand.

Things to watch for:

Static to Dynamic Brand: Over the past few decades brands have been viewed in a static realm. Focusing on past time proven assets unforgiving to a world that demands flexibility, nimbleness, and personality. This static way of thinking will begin to melt and become malleable to consumers and constituents of a brand. Sure the foundation of the brand will continue, however we’ll begin to see brands access technology and communication channels in a way that expands their brand from the static to the dynamic.

Physical // Digital Convergence: With the increase in smart phone technology and the startup industry pushing the envelope on what is possible with mobility, we will see the mass convergence of our physical and digital worlds. While keeping the physical moving, consumers will have the ability to carry digital relationships at the same time. With other physical cues happening in the communications space, advertisers and retailers will have the ability to better serve and delight their consumers through marketing, payment, or product extensions.

Synchronized Applications: With the release of Siri and the upcoming release of Google’s Majel, we are seeing the death of single applications and the future of synchronized experiences. While pulling together the functions of various standalone applications coupled with the intelligence and resilience of these enterprise apps (Siri & Majel) we will expand what is possible through the input of voice with our smartphone technology; driving further the convergence of digital and physical realities… while easing the experience of the consumer with a brand.

Focus on the Future: As brands move from static to dynamic; physical to digital, we will see a mindshift in how we think of our brands. By focusing on the past, we are seeing awkward interactions with corporate skeletons being thrown from the closet by transparency and consumerism. Brands will become more interested in the future and the realization of it’s own ecosystem rather than it as an organism. This mindset requires a holistic view of opportunities, connecting the dots of consumer need, want, and delight.

Here’s to 2012!


Photo Courtesy of Flickr – paul webster thompson


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