A Big Game of Digital Catch-up

There’s no doubting that the digital landscape has permeated every aspect of our lives as consumers as well as marketing executives. The speed of which this permeation is happening is practically paralyzing marketing organizations around the globe. If I were to say Social Media 7 years ago, you would have no clue what I was talking about… forget about mobile integration…

The more our digital and physical lives converge, the more opportunity we, as marketers, have to engage our consumers. Doing this would propel our brands into the future; guessing at this and performing it poorly would result in absolute disaster with miscommunicated messages and defected consumers.

The paralysis and fear throughout the marketing world is setting our organizations up for failure; not a failure of selling products, for fully satisfying customers and moving them into the next phase of loyalty. With this paralysis, we’ll continue to see a defection rate rise all while satisfaction ratings decline. Many articles, including this article from CNET, are now coming out discussing the fact that CMOs and their marketing organizations are not prepared for the future of marketing; with a driving force being the knowledge and understanding of the digital world.

The speed at which this shift and transformation is happening is deepening the case for future failure. As we are still relatively in the infancy stage of all this digital integration and convergence, there is still time to get acquainted with these technologies and with the implications of them in regards to the broader marketing mix.

We, as marketing executives, need to take the time necessary to learn, to daydream, to strategize, to implement, to test, to believe.

One of the greatest ways to do this is through immersion;

  • Talk to people in the industry.
  • Engage your digital agency and really ask questions.
  • Take a step back and look at the long-term vision of your brand; where is it going? How can digital get you there?
  • Make a corporate mandate that all communications MUST be connected digitally.
  • Look at others doing it well and really understand how they did it and how they measured it.
  • Or, of course, you could engage the blackwhalegroup // digital immersion program; a customized, hands-on workshop to get you and your marketing organization up to speed with digital and how it relates to your business

Digital really is an amazing opportunity for marketers looking to increase their top and bottom lines over the long terms. Never has there been an opportunity to layer over engagement and sharing across traditional touch points to map consumer interactions. Never have we had the opportunity to customize messages and brand elements to individuals, matching messaging to specific needs.

The future is exciting; one that I personally can’t wait to be a part of. What’s your future look like?

Click here to read more about the blackwhalegroup // digital immersion program for you and your team.


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