Super Hero brands. Going beyond the humanization of brands and becoming much more.

The more I’m in this business and industry, the more I hear, “Brands need to be more human; that’s what people want to engage with.” This is something that I once thought and preached. But the more I think about it, the more I see that it’s the complete wrong direction brands need to travel. There are many reasons to avoid being a Human as a brand.

To err is human…  unfortunately humans have a tough time forgiving err when it inevitably comes.

We as humans, want to be so much more than what we currently are. Compare anyone’s “Facebook Life” to their “Real Life” and I’m sure you see a skewed sense on what reality is.

We strive to for so much more, but feel as though we don’t have the power to get where we want to go. We work hard for something better, but most times, that something better never comes. But, that’s the life as a human.

So, do we really want our brands to be lumped in with this cycle of err and unfulfillment? Do we want to become something people will engage with, just to be thrown aside once something newer and shinier comes along?

I didn’t think so. We need to become an enabler; a superpower to our consumers. Imagine becoming the catalyst to enable that “dream life” for our consumers. To make them feel as though they have a little secret in their back pocket, that whenever they interact with your product or service, or use your product or service, they feel empowered to become their best self ever. Brands need to think beyond “humanization” and become more superhero.

Brands need to think beyond “humanization” and become more superhero.

Sure, you have to be able to interact with your consumers, even support them when they need help, but we should be taking things up a notch. We should be looking for that higher ground, rather than shrinking to meet our consumers. We need to become a catalyst for their success, whether it’s whitening teeth or navigating a new city, our brand needs to communicate this aura of superhero; the amazement that we’ve created magic for each person (which inevitably will be on an individual level).

What is your plan for your brands world domination? What superhero strength do you give your consumers?

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