Product Development: Fill the Void

When developing products, our tendency is to focus on one of two things: Enhancing what’s already developed or creating something completely different. The former is a smaller shift while the latter creates an uphill battle for adoption. Each of which can be very profitable if developed and launched with a burning sense of passion and determination.

But there are ways to overcome these obstacles all together… develop something that becomes “glue” to use cases. Research highly adopted technologies, routines, and use cases, and figure out a common link between higher adoptive activities. Finding this link develops a constraint in which creativity can shine and opportunity can manifest. Knowing what people do on a regular basis and how they do it, becomes a golden piece to your product development puzzle. Also, once an idea is developed, you will also be armed with information as to how to approach these use case individuals to enhance adoption and drive use.

To break it down:

  1. Identify Highly Adopted Use Cases
  2. Find the Void
  3. Develop “Constraints” for Creativity and Opportunity
  4. Idea
  5. Develop Product and Launch

A new idea or minimal enhancement may not always be the way to riches. Sometimes, it just takes a bit of research and constraints.

Photo courtesy of Flickr – Mc Knoell


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