Let’s Get Physical

As we continue to delve into our roadmaps and become cartographers of our consumer journey’s, we tend to take a very tactical approach…

“We have Facebook, TV, a Website, Display Media, etc… now where do we want them to go and how do we connect them?”

This is heading down the right path, but there is still something so special, so intrinsic that most times, we overlook it; The tangibility of the “Physical” world in which we live. I’m not talking about the “offline” touch points that we interact with in the Physical world, but the Actual “Physical-ness” in which we live. The daily activities we do in our lives, the picking kids up from soccer practice, the walking the dog, the grocery run or in my case and occasional beer run. These activities make up each and every one of our lives, some mundane, some exciting but each a necessary part of our every day.

The tangibility of the “Physical” world in which we live.

Since the dawn of time we, as advertisers have tried to interrupt or disrupt these seemingly mundane tasks, which has resulted in lowering attention span, an over communicated society, and, frankly, a hatred towards this once prolific occupation and study which consumes our professional lives. We need to take this opportunity to focus on the utility that our brands can provide on these daily tasks, whether it is an enhanced experience through entertainment, making things easier by the integration of different tools, or even a new way of performing the task to minimize the mundane and streamline the activity.

By offering this level of value, we show we understand the consumer in a way that no disruptive advertisement ever will…

Thinking in terms of the “Physical” takes us to the next step in complete brand immersion; closer to lifestyle integration. So, while connecting the dots, don’t forget to reach into the physical life of the consumer… you’ll be surprised to find out what you can offer.


Awesome photo courtesy of Flickr - deleted.scenes


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