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Tour de BBQ

This year the Tour de BBQ campaign, “How Far Will You Go to Fight Cancer?” is one that elicits a certain emotive response for many different segments, cancer survivors, families battling cancer, philanthropic cyclists, and a massive community bonding together for a specific cause. Throw in a cycling event revolved around BBQ and you have very segmented but specific communication tasks in front of you. Each individual emotion was something that needs to be very specific for each visitor, with an elaborate visual and textual story to engage and drive action; participation, fundraising, awareness, support. All in all, this is a dynamic community involved event.

The Tour de BBQ is taking place on October 1, 2011 in Kansas City, MO. Click here to take part.

Working directly with the Tour de BBQ stakeholders, the blackwhalegroup, and our community of creatives and strategists, we were able to capture the essence of the event, drive early registrations, and encourage site engagement through collaborative storytelling and user experiences. Each interaction is geared towards a specific individual segment, fulfilling the needs of the organization, the event, and the individual visitor to the site.


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