New Technology for Marketers: 4 Questions Before Integration

Technology, Innovation, MarketingThe thing about new shiny technology is that it’s just that… New & Shiny; nothing more, nothing less. So why do all marketers hop on the first whiff of any new thing promised to “Revolutionize the industry” without properly doing their due diligence to identify if this new technology is or will be adopted by their target market? Don’t get me wrong, I bleed geek and think that there are some amazing applications that could be built to do some pretty cool things. But the issue becomes, why would we do these cool things and who will see them?

And that’s the true problem at hand. Marketers are too eager to be the first to market with technology without properly understanding the impact that the implementation will have on their business or market.

To help us all out I’m offering up a few thought starters to get us on our way to technology bliss:

First and foremost, what are the goals, objectives, and strategies for integration of the technology? Is it to make a difference, test the technology, do something cool for PR sake, etc?

Is the adoption rate of the technology high enough to reach scale? If not going for scale, will anyone (besides our ad agencies and internal employees) utilize the technology?

What problem are we solving with the implementation of the technology? Are we simply creating another channel to push marketing messages or are we adding value through extending experiences or eliminating consumer problems?

If we have solid affirmative answers to above questions (all of which should be deeply thought about and pondered before answering) then the question becomes, do we have the necessary activation strategy and investment to penetrate the target base for consumption?

There are so many new technologies, applications, and platforms popping up every day; fast enough to make anyone crawl in a corner and cry. But if we take a deep breath, do our due diligence by thinking through the aforementioned thought starters; we should be able to confidently and successfully make a case for the implementation of technology into our marketing initiatives. Also, we will be able to quickly vet these technologies and only move forward with the platforms that will make the most impact for our business or consumer.

How do you vet technologies for marketing purposes?


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