Convergence of Creativity

A crazy thing is happening right now in the business world, especially the ad industry; a convergence that has only displayed a few murmurs in fear of allowing the true future to appear; the convergence of creativity. Being from both an agency and corporate background, I’ve had the distinct opportunity to work across the gamut of individuals and various functions, from the true hipster creative where advertising is not art, to the uber-corporate, numbers-oriented pencil pusher; each having a valuable stake in any business success, but never able to communicate or ever work together.

from the true hipster creative where advertising is not art, to the uber-corporate, numbers-oriented pencil pusher

But something has been happening over the last year or so that has started forcing these extremes towards the middle. Each expected to think more alike, to bring their expertise but have the knowledge and chops to speak the other’s language. To provide true collaboration towards a common objective.

I’m seeing the more a traditional creative can tell a story to meet objectives, rather than putting something out because it’s creative, the more successful they are becoming in the field. On the other end, the more creative an accountant, strategist, or operations function becomes, the more successful their ideas, implementations, and outputs are based on the thought and view they have on the business landscape.

Creativity becoming more strategic and process; while process and strategy becoming more creative.

This shift has produced the aforementioned convergence that no one has stood up and discussed, mainly to not anger their peers from fear of being ousted by their particular community. However, I think the company that steps up and embraces this convergence and fully enables the collaboration and discussion that can develop from these converging mindsets and capture the output from these conversations that have never been raised before will only reap the rewards from the marketplace by offering the best product to fulfill the consumer needs.

This is where the future of the industry is going; a creative, strategic, collaborative, world where everyone is at the table to discuss creative and vision, where crowds are tapped to provide outside input, where roles are forever morphed to provide a creative output that fulfills the objectives of the campaign and truly solves the problem or issue at hand. This creativity is truly creative because, as David Ogilvy put it so many decades ago, it sells.

How do you approach creativity in your world?


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