Collaboration is the Future of Transparency

transparencyOpen transparency has skyrocketed some of the most successful brands over the past few years into reaches of loyalty that were never once thought possible. On the flip side, however, lies the other companies who continue to hide behind poor business practices, dirty little secrets, or the fear that comes with completely opening up about views and opinions about certain issues. The whole transparency thing can make or break a company, organization, or individual in the new social/digital/mobile world in which we live.

The sheer whisper of transparency sends shivers down the spines of the majority of Fortune 500 CEOs. But it shouldn’t… and here’s why:

The thing about transparency isn’t that people are trying to elicit dark trade secrets of your company, it’s that they want to ensure they are voting with their dollars and putting their money where they deem fit; and in the age of information, we, as consumers, are empowered to ask the probing questions to ensure we get answers from the companies we give our money to.

So how do we, as organizations, stay transparent while maintaining differentiated business practices necessary to stay competitive? Simple, involve your most loyal constituency in decision making.

Collaboration is the future of transparency.

The more I, as your loyal constituent, am involved in solving an issue, developing a product, or engaging discussion about your organization, the more I see the company and issues from different angles and can understand the reasons behind decisions that were made. An added bonus… I quickly become more loyal to your brand, enough so to advocate and even express my passions to my friends and family.

The more open you are with your consumer, the more they will feel involved. This opens up the door to a relaxed two-way, intimate dialog that is rich in information sharing. This is true transparency… Not the scary visions it creates now.

Be real. Be authentic. And collaborate.


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