Use the Community To Solve

Creating effective products and services isn’t about using the new cool functionality on the iPhone. It’s about truly identifying the issue and absolving that issue with a data driven, scientific approach. Couple that with amazing communication creativity and activity, you will have a solution that is truly built to last.

In order to create effective products and solutions, always start with the real source of the problem and work to solve.

With the real issue at hand and identified, a small team needs to collaborate to brainstorm the roadmap to solve the solution using the community. This includes developing guidelines, or guardrails to stay within, thought provoking questions, consistently asking why, and continuously scanning the marketplace for solutions that may already exist. With this framework set up, then, and only then, can true discussion and collaboration happen. Without the framework, you will receive mass chaos.

Collaboration & Co-creation:
Using the power of voice and collaboration, you can effectively take a simple idea and make it phenomenal. By open, structured dialog you can push individuals, groups, and masses to new heights to identify and develop solutions to real problems.

With possible solutions identified and created, now is the time to test and develop the solutions for market.

Rolling out new messaging, technologies, products or brands can be difficult. Performing effective communication initiatives with domineering creative and impactful messaging only enhances the solution of the problem or issue.

Measure & Iterate:
The world is continually changing. Living off data and using each touchpoint and interaction as the foundation for future iterations of products and services only solidifies the structural solution created through the process. When a market shifts, so will the solution.

Problems don’t just go away; they’re absolved. Taking an analytical approach, coupled with real life implementation and iteration, you an now rollout solutions on a more agile and flexible basis through the power of technology.


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