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education, business, causeThe world is becoming smaller and smaller by the minute with each new technology, each new digital interaction, each new startup, and each new mobile device user. The capabilities of us as humans has far surpassed what was ever thought possible, with promises of much more to come.

These advances in technology are allowing the blurring of lines between reality and the virtual world.

Augmented reality, mobile connectivity, location based applications are all giving us opportunities to interact in our physical world like never before; seeing things that we’ve never seen; learning and growing is a continuous movement.

These technologies, if harnessed correctly, can do amazing things in our world; solve some of the most perplexing issues facing humanity. If abused, these fascinating technologies can become noise and useless wastes of time and resources.

Black Whale Group is a community, incubator, harnesser and fabricator of these technologies towards one goal… To solve the world’s most perplexing issues.

The Black Whale Group uses all facets of creativity and development, pulling from the top minds in the world, testing, iterating, and distributing technologies to and through the most important areas of our life, in a successful society… Education, Business, Cause.

On a continuum of society, each can stand alone, but the interconnectivity is where the true power lies. While empowering educators, parents, and students to experience education on an immersive scale will create a better workforce funneling into the business economy. Supporting the business economy with this multi-talented workforce and technological advancements and tools, we, as business minds can solve problems more efficiently, connect with consumers on a more intimate level, empower consumers for transparency and choice, and to leave a stronger legacy through more cause focused corporate initiatives and product sourcing. Technologies will support individuals, companies and organizations to connect with their values and passions through cause related efforts. These efforts support all of society, the environment, consumerism, the world, all towards making the world a better place. These efforts close the loop by adding support for the viability and effectiveness of  a holistic educational system.

Education begets business | Business begets Cause | Cause begets Education

All connections working together towards the greater good. The effective use of technologies with the right application can positively impact this ever converging world.



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