Conversation Filters for Innovative Processes

Innovative Strategy by BlackWhaleGroupEach person I’ve ever run into who talks about innovation or has Innovation in their job titles has their “own” process for making change, or innovating. Here at blackwhalegroup, we’re no different. We try an push each product, service, and client interaction towards industry leading change, or what some might call innovation. We don’t have a specific process in place to ensure innovation, but we do require each conversation fit into a set of guidelines. We call it our conversation filter.

The blackwhalegroup Conversation Filter:

Creativity: Each and every thing that we achieve has to be creative; maybe not creative in the minds of all artists or stakeholders in a community, but creative to the extent to shift behavior, change minds, or engage and sell. To be creative within our walls [whether virtual or physical] is to think beyond what is currently happening.

Community: The best creativity spawns through community. Where there is a tight group of individuals with various experiences comes opportunity for deep dialogs, effective bickering, and engaged outcomes. Communities deliver a more in-tuned group of individuals, pulling from their specific expertise to build upon one another.

Collaboration: Once a community is established, true magic can happen. When given a specific problem or issue, a community will innately work within key groups or individually to think of effective solutions, all while pushing the limits on the viability of any one solution.

Communication: The open dialogs between individuals within the communities back to the mother ship, the creativity through community and collaboration stays focused on the end goal; innovative executions to solve each issue. Trust is a huge piece to any communication, the trust our communities have that the mother ship provides all information needed to generate the most appropriate solution, trust within the community to push back on solutions for viability. Communication always wins.

Completion: What’s a solution with no execution? Nothing… wasted resources. Execution is the most integral part to any type of innovation or creativity. This is the “Do” part to projects… You must execute for innovation.

We challenge you to be innovative.

No matter what your process is or who’s innovative approach you model, just remember to develop your own conversation filter when discussing projects. And don’t forget to execute!

How does your company approach innovation? What is your conversation filter?



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